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Get Cozy in Your Maryland Apartment to Read These New Year’s Resolution Tips

Making a New Year’s resolution is easy—sticking to it is a whole lot harder! But with a little perseverance and a whole lot of planning, you can be on your way to making your goals for 2020 a reality, whether you’ve resolved to be more mindful of your budget, you’re seeking to stay active, or something else altogether. Now that…

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Where to Brunch This Weekend Near Metropolitan Apartments: Matchbox in Bethesda!

Matchbox, a new restaurant in Bethseda, is designed to have a warm and home-y feel that invites the neighborhood in for a good meal. The restaurant has other locations in Maryland and is a great place to have brunch with friends, have a drink after work, or grab a bite to eat when you don’t feel like cooking. The restaurant…

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Enjoy Outdoor Fun Near Your Maryland Apartment at Silver Spring Ice Skating at Veterans Plaza

There is a reason that getting out into the fresh winter air and gliding around an ice rink is a cherished winter tradition in many regions of America. The combination of an invigorating physical activity and fresh winter air make it endlessly appealing for folks of all ages and levels of skating experience. That’s why the Silver Spring ice skating…

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