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KID Museum

Children Can Learn About Art and STEM at the Kid Museum

Bethesda’s Kid Museum has a unique mission: to stimulate the minds of young learners and generate enthusiasm for ideas that incorporate a mixture of STEM and artistic skills. These are the skills that the future of innovation will demand, so the museum prepares children for future careers in technology.  Exhibits features hands-on workshops that explore ideas like 3D printing by…

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Anatole: Mouse Magnifique

Take the Kids to See “Anatole: Mouse Magnifique” at Imagination State Through March 24

Take a journey to a land of adventure with Anatole: Mouse Magnifique at Imagination Stage in Bethesda. This family-friendly performance follows two fantastical French mice as they attempt to save their favorite cheese factory. The show is filled with upbeat songs and dancing mice, and is a lovely first introduction to musical theatre for little ones.  Imagination Stage has a variety…

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