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KID Museum

Children Can Learn About Art and STEM at the Kid Museum

Bethesda’s Kid Museum has a unique mission: to stimulate the minds of young learners and generate enthusiasm for ideas that incorporate a mixture of STEM and artistic skills. These are the skills that the future of innovation will demand, so the museum prepares children for future careers in technology. 

Exhibits features hands-on workshops that explore ideas like 3D printing by designing spinning tops, explore the cultures of different countries around the world, and teach about robotics coding by using a Micro:bit controller. Sound complex? Don’t worry; the museum is carefully designed to appeal to kids of all ages and experience levels. A quick tour around the museum will allow your child to begin interacting at whatever level feels most natural. Insider tip: during the school week Kid Museum is only open to school groups, so be sure you’re making time to visit during the weekend, when the museum opens its doors to the general public.