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In the Market for a E-Bike? Shop at Electric Cycling House Near Your Maryland Apartment

Join the electric bicycle craze when you visit Electric Cycling House at the Metro Center in Bethesda. Biking is a healthier and more environmentally friendly way to get around, and electric cycles allow you to easily handle rides that traditional bikes wouldn’t. Steep hills, long commutes, and heavy loads are no longer a problem when you have a little extra help from…

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How to Give Your Bethesda Apartment Closet a Fall Refresh

Getting ready for a new season is always a process, one that should include cleaning out your closet. In order to prepare for the impending cooler weather, spend some time organizing your wardrobe. Follow these steps to make the process simple. Gather your materials. Before you get started, take stock of what you need. Maybe bins for your sweaters would be…

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Find Thai Rolled Ice Cream Near Your Bethesda Apartment at 520 Ice Cream & Tea

On a hot, sunny day, we all scream for ice cream (as the saying goes). But sometimes, you might want something a little different from the traditional one-scoop-or-two ice cream parlor. If that’s the case, 520 Ice Cream & Tea (formerly known as Class 520) might be just what you’re looking for. This Bethesda franchise location, set on a tidy stretch of…

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