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Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Coming up on Sunday, May 8th is some people’s favorite holiday- Mother’s Day. For anyone who didn’t know that already, it’s probably because you already celebrate Mother’s Day every day! Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate and thank your mother for all of the hard work she does day in and day out.  A classic: breakfast in…

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Watch an Authentic Lucha Libre Match Cinco DC Mayo Fiesta Festival Near Our Bethesda Apartments

Ice-cold cervezas and margaritas. Can you think of a better way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? At the Cinco DC Mayo Fiesta Festival not far from the Red Line in D.C., Drink the District will be serving up both at Hook Hall. The two-day event technically kicks off on the Seis De Mayo (a Friday) at 7 p.m. Choose to join the…

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