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Watch an Authentic Lucha Libre Match Cinco DC Mayo Fiesta Festival Near Our Bethesda Apartments

Ice-cold cervezas and margaritas. Can you think of a better way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? At the Cinco DC Mayo Fiesta Festival not far from the Red Line in D.C., Drink the District will be serving up both at Hook Hall. The two-day event technically kicks off on the Seis De Mayo (a Friday) at 7 p.m. Choose to join the party on Friday, Saturday at 2 p.m., or Saturday at 7 p.m. Each $25 ticket entitles you to a few hours of festive fun.

Once you grab a Mexican beer or a margarita, head to the dance floor and break it down with friends as a live DJ lays down the soundtrack. When you need some fuel, head back to the bar and grab a few Mexican tapas to nibble on. Just make sure you’re all danced out in time to enjoy the Lucha Libre performance. The traditional Mexican wrestlers will be taking to the ring to provide their trademark style of entertainment in honor of Cinco De Mayo! If you spring for a VIP ticket, you’ll also get your own distinct Lucha mask and a ringside seat to the action—not to mention the chance to take a selfie with the wrestlers!