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The Playseum: A Must-See Spot for Flats at Bethesda Avenue’s Youngest Residents

The Playseum is a new addition to Bethesda's family fun offerings, and it promises to be pretty popular with the youngsters. What exactly is a playseum, you ask? Well, according to the shop's owners, it's a book store built in the design of a kid-sized city, complete with mini-shops, dress-up costumes, and crafts.

Here, children can learn social skills and practice counting in The Playseum's mock grocery store, where they'll choose which food items they want to "buy." Alternatively, kids can head to "Grandma's attic," where they can experiment with an old typewriter or play dress up in some old-fashioned clothes. The Playseum's "pet shop" is home to a number of real, live animals (rabbits, lizards, doves, more) that kids can see and touch, and each area of the store is filled with new and used books that are related to the theme of the room: animals, playing dress up, cooking, and more.

Located just moments from Flats at Bethesda Avenue, The Playseum is open seven days a week. Admission is $9 for persons aged 11 months and older.

The Playseum
7000 Wisconsin Ave.
Bethesda, MD
(240) 507-8965