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Crush the Workout of the Day at Tough Temple CrossFit

At Tough Temple CrossFit, Workouts of the Day are designed to push you just a bit further in your fitness journey each time you visit. Newbies start by learning the basics of CrossFit, which include squats, jumps, and lifts performed with a careful eye on technique. After mastering these fundamentals, you can really commit to moving forward with your workouts.

The coaches create new routines daily that focus on a certain aspect of strength-training. They help each student perfect their technique as they build the day's skill to not only ensure their safety, but also add to their ever-growing arsenal of fitness knowledge. The best part—especially for those who are relatively new to working out—is that the exercises can be custom-tailored to each individual and performed at any pace, so everyone can participate in CrossFit, not just the uber-athletic.