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Gold Leaf Bakery

Chef Peter Crafts European Treats at Gold Leaf Bakery

Lemon tarts. Chocolate-raspberry pastries. Vanilla Napoleons. These are some of the classic European confections that Chef Peter crafts at Gold Leaf Bakery. He's been in the business of baking for more than two decades, and this is his second sweet-centric business in Maryland. He started with Just Chocolate Palace in Gaithersburg but decided to branch out and show off a full spectrum of European sweets at Gold Leaf Bakery in 2016.

Chef Peter and his team continue to create European-inspired treats today using whole ingredients, such as fresh fruit and real whipped cream. Order one of the specialty cakes for a bash or swing by to savor something smaller, but equally sweet. Try the chocolate eclair, the mixed fruit tart, or a dark and white chocolate chip cookie with a hot cup of coffee on the side.