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Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant

Enjoy Authentic Cuisine at Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant just opened a month ago, but its modernized Ethiopian dishes have already earned many fans. Even the apps showcase the chef's unique flair. Try the kitfo sandwich, for example, a crispy baguette stuffed with carefully seasoned prime lean beef and purified Ethiopian butter. Or dig into a crispy, lentil-filled sambusa with green chili and herbs.

After you enjoy an appetizer, try one of the main dishes. Skip the meat and order a vegan dish such as the miser wot, split lentils with garlic, onions, and berbere sauce. If you want a carnivorous meal, try a beef, lamb, or fish entree. The zilzil tibs showcase strips of ribeye embellished with garlic, onions, and fresh ginger—perfect for scooping up with Ethiopian injera, a flatbread that you can tear apart and use in place of utensils.