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Bethesda Salt Cave

Enjoy a Therapeutic Massage at Bethesda Salt Cave

Bethesda Salt Cave isn’t a natural landmark in Bethesda. This Montgomery Lane establishment is a day spa-esque place to go for halotherapy (which is a holistic form of wellness treatment that uses salt), reflexology, and massage therapy.

People with breathing difficulties and a number of other ailments have seen relief from halotherapy. At Bethesda Salt Cave, you step inside a heated room lined with pure Himalayan crystal rock salt, and simply breathe in the air to benefit from this treatment. Enjoy one, four, or ten sessions at reasonable prices. Don’t overlook the different kinds of massages offered here. A session of hot stone massage therapy can provide a warm, soothing feeling, while things like craniosacral therapy and lymph drainage can be added onto any visit to improve your overall wellness. Stop by sometime for a single session, or turn your visit into an all-day affair. With choices like these, you can’t go wrong.