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Down Dog Yoga

Step Into a Welcoming Community at Down Dog Yoga

Going to an unfamiliar fitness class for the first time can be intimidating, but the staff at Down Dog Yoga is out to change that. They go out of their way to make newbies feel welcomed, taking the time to learn their names and show them around. They also create a space where people of all backgrounds and ability levels are welcomed, and they encourage everyone to build friendships with their fellow yogis.

So don’t feel shy if it’s your first time at Down Dog Yoga. You’re more than welcome at the Power Basics class, held in a room heated to 95 degrees (like most of the sessions). You’ll learn how to move through the most common postures of the signature Baptiste flow yoga and build strength and flexibility along the way. Once you have the fundamentals mastered, move on to more challenging 60-, 75-, or 90-minute classes.