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Aug. 27 at Jaledo: Tomatina Festival Tapas Cooking Class

Love to cook? Then you might be interested in one of Jaledo’s upcoming cooking classes. This popular Bethesda restaurant offers monthly cooking workshops with hands-on instruction (and, of course, you get to sample plenty of tasty food). The August 27th class will be focused on "Tomatina Festival Tapas" which has a hilarious backstory. This beloved food tradition is epic–it started as a food fight among parade-goers in 1945 in the small Spanish town of Bunol, and today has grown into an annual festival that features one of the world’s largest food fights (more than one hundred metric tons of juicy tomatoes are thrown in the streets). 

There won’t be any tomato-throwing at Jaledo’s cooking class, but you will be making some of the tomato tapas dishes most closely associated with the festival, including cava toast, crushed tomato flatbread, and more. Space is limited, so be sure to book your spot today.