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Meet Some Friends From Flats at Bethesda Avenue for a Quick Meal at Flower Child

Next time you’re looking for a quick, tasty meal that’s also healthy and nutritious, consider heading over to Flower Child. Located not far from your luxury apartment in Bethesda, this newly opened eatery is focused on serving bowls and wraps filled with traditional grains, sustainably sourced protein, and lots of fresh, local greens. 

The menu includes dishes like the "glow bowl," which combines sweet potato noodles with zucchini, bok choy, and mushrooms, with a bit of jalapeno-spiced coconut milk drizzled on top. Looking for something even more unusual? Try the "forbidden rice" bowl, filled with black pear rice, red japonica, snap peas, toasted sesame seeds, and red chili hoisin. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy digging into it in the restaurant’s main dining room, which is decorated with bright blue and green wicker chairs, upholstered bench seating along the front windows, and a cheerful mural painted on the back wall (no wonder Yelp reviewers comment on this place’s fun and relaxed atmosphere).