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The Block Is a New Food Hall Near Flats at Bethesda Avenue

At the intersection of Towne Road and Rose Avenue, not far from Flats at Bethesda Avenue, you’ll find the brand new Maryland location of The Block, the regional food hall and bar chain that has taken the DMV by storm. If you’ve never been to The Block before, you’re in for a treat. Seasoned veterans will tell you to stop by the bar first to grab a drink, then peruse the food options and place your order with whichever vendor catches your eye. 

You can choose from Mama Mei’s wings and sandwiches, Oppa’s Korean barbecue, or you can go for bowls from Pokeworks or Snowcream, or pizza from Slice Club. The staff will hand you a beacon whenever you place your order, and it will buzz when your food is ready for pick up. This allows your entire party to order at different eateries and then enjoy spending time together, rather than negotiating over what kind of food to eat.