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Pumpkin Festival at Butler’s Orchard: A Tradition Continues Near Your Luxury Apartment in Bethesda

Pumpkin Festival at Butler’s Orchard is officially back for its 41st season! It’s time to get excited. Happening not too far from your luxury apartment in Bethesda, this epic fall celebration is filled with all sorts of festive activities for all ages. For the little ones, there’s a hilltop hop jump pad, a spooky spiderweb, a straw maze, giant slides, and pedal tractors. For those a little older, you’ll enjoy corn hole games, live music, and a good ol’ hayride which is fun for everyone of course! If that’s not enough fall fun, you can choose to try your hand at the pumpkin cannon for $4 a shot and pick your own pumpkins for $0.69 a pound.

If you purchase your tickets online prior to arrival you’ll save $2 a ticket, which is always a good thing! Plus, tickets at the door aren’t guaranteed and may not be available if they’ve sold out, so just be safe and plan ahead if you can.