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Spanish Diner Serves a Taste of Spain Near Your Apartment in Bethesda

Whet your appetite with a yummy meal from Spanish Diner! They serve savory Spanish dishes from their specialties to soups and salads, sandwiches, desserts, and more. A few of their specialties you may want to try are anchoas de santoña queso manchego, jamón ibérico, and pan con tomate. Each has unique ingredients full of bold, rich flavor, like the pan con tomate, made with toasted slices of ethereal bread, fresh tomato, and virgin olive oil. Or, explore their menu more and see what else piques your interest. They have additional tasty dishes to enjoy, including the bikini mixto (ham and cheese) sandwich and one of their breakfast all-day items, huevos fritos con aguacate, cooked with two fried eggs and avocado. 

While you dine in, you’ll be surrounded by an atmosphere of colorful yellow and orange walls, tables and chairs spread out neatly, along with a bar to order various wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks. They also have plants, flowers, and a few art pieces hanging on the walls to add more vibrancy and excitement to this eatery near your apartment in Bethesda.