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Regina’s Restaurant Is a New Restaurant Near Your Bethesda Apartment

Tender lamb and beef sliced right from the spit. Pan-fried chickpea patties drizzled with garlic tahini. Herbed chicken skewers embellished with fresh feta. These are a few of the Mediterranean specialties on the menu at Regina’s Restaurant. Newly opened near your Bethesda apartment for rent, the newly opened eatery specializes in fresh, healthy fare with ample options for the non-meat eater.

The crispy falafel is a shining example of the meat-free cuisine, which also includes classic dishes such as the melizzana. The entree showcases tender eggplant simmered slowly in tomato sauce with spinach, ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese, all tossed over linguini. You can also try the spicy ziti harissa, featuring a fiery sauce with roasted garlic and basil. If you prefer your meal with meat, the spaghetti du chef features ample amounts. It comes tossed with sauteed chicken and sausage in a spicy garlic-white wine sauce. Seafood also factors heavily into the menu, from the grilled salmon filet to the whole branzino seasoned with olive oil, lemon, and fresh herbs. Round out your meal with baklava or tiramisu and perhaps a glass of fine wine.