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Get Creative at a Candle-Making Class Near Our Woodmont Triangle Apartments

Blueberry cobbler. Bonfire. Caribbean teakwood. The candle-makers at Scents by the Company near our Bethesda apartments draw inspiration from an eclectic mix of muses when they craft their artisan candles. If you love unwinding in a bubble bath with a candle flickering softly nearby, come to one of the candle-making workshops at Scents by the Company to design your own bathroom accent.

The public classes are offered on a daily basis and include both the materials and instruction you need to DIY a high-quality candle to take home. The instructors let you choose which essential oil or a blend of essential oils you want to use to scent your candle, which you’ll shape from natural soy wax using provided mixing and measuring tools over a portable stovetop. As your candle cools, enjoy music, games, and light refreshments alongside friends both new and old! Scents by the Company also offers happy hour and brunch candle-making workshops that include light bites along with cocktails or mimosas. Tickets start at $65 and dates and times vary, so check out the Eventbrite page to find a session that suits your schedule.