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Grab a Filipino Breakfast Sandwich at Lapu Lapu Near Our Bethesda Apartments

The conventional breakfast sammy gets a gourmet makeover every morning at Lapu Lapu, not far from our metropolitan apartments. The cafe’s creative chefs use fluffy, freshly baked Pan de Sal buns as their blank canvasses to create signature sandwiches with a Filipino slant, like the chorizo. A patty of sweet pork chorizo comes capped with a fried egg, a gooey layer of pepper jack cheese, and a tart dollop of banana ketchup mayo.

Prefer steak and eggs for breakfast? The bistek sandwich features both, starting with thinly sliced lemon-soy marinated ribeye steak and a fried egg. Pickled onions, white American cheese sauce, garlic adobo mayo, and lettuce pile onto the foundational meat and egg layer. The Paksiw is another example of a traditional Filipino breakfast sandwich stuffed with sweet soy-braised pork, pickles, and a fried egg. When you’re craving an American bite, opt for a simple sammy filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese, or strata of bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato. The aptly named B.A.L.T. can be modified to include vegan meat instead. Round out your meal with the signature “spuds,” which are tater tots smothered with Lapu Lapu sauce.