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Enjoy Plant-Based Fare at Planta

Planta isn’t just devoted to plant-based dining. It’s also dedicated to environmental sustainability. So in addition to serving only vegan food, every process the restaurant has put in place benefits Mother Earth. From compostable to-go packaging to locally sourced produce, Planta has taken steps to decrease its footprint wherever possible.

So you can feel really good about dining at Planta whether you’re a vegan or not. You won’t even miss the meat at the plant-based Asian restaurant. Its sushi chefs artfully craft rolls sans seafood, using veggies like eggplant or even watermelon as stand-ins. For instance, the ahi watermelon nigiri comes glazed with ginger and citrus soy, while the mushroom “bacon” inari harnesses the umami flavor of fungi. Meanwhile, a baked crab roll is actually stuffed with hearts of palm, plus ponzu and spicy mayo. Foray into raw fare with the pad Thai slaw, kelp noodles tossed with green papaya, peppers, cabbage, and peanut sauce. Or sink your teeth into a signature entree such as the avocado-lime tartare, showcasing beetroot “tuna” with pine nuts, capers, citrus soy sauce, sesame, cilantro, and crispy taro chips.